Bloody Well Live! Special Edition! [The Complete Concert Recording at Markthalle Hamburg, New Years Eve, 31st December 1992 - Remixed & Remastered]

by The Whisky Priests

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Ned Ludd
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Ned Ludd Brilliant live document of Durham's finest - comprehensive live overview of the 1st part of their their career, including fans' fave, "The Hard Men" Favorite track: The Hard Men [Live].
Shaggy Maggot
Shaggy Maggot thumbnail
Shaggy Maggot Would that I had ever been in such a large audience for a WP gig. The enthusiasm here evokes my memories of the band in full flow and definitely captures spirit of their live shows.

Sticking Baroness Thatcher in a room and playing this incessantly at excruciating volume would have been much too good for her, but probably just. Favorite track: The Hard Men [Live].
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CD liner notes:

In 2000, we were looking for a special release to mark the 15th Anniversary of The Whisky Priests…

An equipment malfunction, resulting in loss of material on the night, had led to our second live release ‘“Here Come the Ranting Lads” - Live!’ in 1999, being issued as a single CD, instead of the planned double CD, which was to have featured the entire show. Following this disappointment, we cast our minds back to our first live release, ‘Bloody Well Live!’, which had been successfully recorded in its entirety on New Years Eve 1992/3 to a 1500 strong sell-out crowd at the Markthalle, Hamburg. Suddenly, the germ of a plan to re-assess the ‘Bloody Well Live!’ recordings was born.

As the original 17-track single CD version of ‘Bloody Well Live!’ had been deleted for a number of years, and there was still a big demand for this landmark release, now seemed the perfect opportunity to go back to the original master tapes and restore this recording to its full glory.

Following a four-year apprenticeship performing throughout the UK’s underground rock venues, The Whisky Priests had ventured to the European mainland for the first time in 1989, with a highly successful 7-date tour of Germany. Further tours to Germany and the rest of Europe quickly ensued. By the end of 1992 The Whisky Priests had graduated into a well-oiled (in more ways than one!) live machine. This recording perfectly captures the live essence of the band during that period, and in fact the original Bloody Well Live! proved to be a landmark for The Whisky Priests on its release in 1993.

The Bloody Well Live! Tour, running from the end of March to the middle of June 1993 was a whirlwind experience, with 72 concerts in 12 weeks throughout Europe. The Bloody Well Live! Again! Tour followed later in the year, consolidating both the album’s and the band’s general success at the time.

Now, in our 15th Anniversary year, this unedited Special Collector’s Edition of ‘Bloody Well Live!’ presents for the first time ever the entire concert recording, remixed and remastered from the original master tapes, and including previously unissued tracks as well as all the re-inserted between song dialogue, warts and all.

Isn’t it grand boys, to be even more Bloody Well Live!

(Gary Miller & Glenn Miller, August 2000)

Media Reviews:

“Hard to credit that while the A & R community currently works so hard to sign so little, there should be tales of gross neglect to tell. The Whisky Priests’ DIY-ethic tells that story in some detail. To celebrate the band’s 15th anniversary their long-deleted 1993 release ‘Bloody Well Live!’ has been remixed, remastered and re-issued as a double CD featuring the entire concert recording from Hamburg’s Markthalle.
It’s interesting to compare and contrast this edition with its predecessor – Fred Purser has returned to the original master tapes and re-mixed the performance as an unedited, warts and all set. Consequently we now get all the between song dialogue, none of the fade-outs and the previously edited out musical moments reinstated into one definitive document. The gig was greeted with religious zeal from a venue packed full of swinging fans and it’s easy to understand why. The band’s joy and vitality positively leap out of the speakers and the listener is immediately transported back to sweaty nights in 1993. Indeed, their folk oeuvre is so stripped down; you can almost spot the chrome tendons rippling beneath their brilliantly realised, folk-rock posturing. This is the sort of high seriousness that fills stadiums. It might be an anti-climax when the Priests return to trudge round the toilet venues of the nation. But they should take heart. It might not be long before the stadiums claim them as their own.”
Geoff Wall, ‘Folk On Tap’, UK, Issue 86, Jan-Mar 2001.

“‘Bloody Well Live!’ is a remixed and remastered double-CD issue of the long-deleted (originally single) CD of the classic, landmark New Year concert with which the Priests all but demolished Hamburg some seven years back. This is intended as the pukka 15th Anniversary celebration for the Priests, to atone for the equipment malfunction that severely curtailed the planned 'Ranting Lads' live release last year. Here we get the entire concert, 23 tracks as opposed to the original 17, and an already great existing release is transformed into something bloody tremendous (no other word for it). The Priests are on a real high here; their uncompromising thrash is in full flow here with no let-up, replete with that impressive, omnipresent freshly honed dramatic and energetic delivery. Hear that whippet run!”
David Kidman, ‘Rock 'N' Reel’, UK, Issue 35, Winter 2000.

“This year marks the 15th Anniversary of one of the North East’s top bands, The Whisky Priests, and to celebrate, the band have released two CD’s.
The Priests are twins, Gary and Glenn Miller, who grew up in Sherburn near Durham City, deep in the county’s mining territory.
Images from the industry and what it means to the region and the Millers themselves litter The Whisky Priests music. Even their sound, a whirling dervish of folk-rock, has its roots in the region’s tradition.
The second release of the anniversary year is a special edition of Bloody Well Live!, their first live album from 1993. Deleted for many years, it has been remixed, re-edited, repackaged and re-released at twice its original length, so that it now spans two CD’s.
It captures the noise and energy of a Whisky Priests’ concert splendidly, and it never ceases to amaze how out of such fury they can fashion and hold an irresistible tune.
For some unknown reason, the Continent has always received the Priests’ folk-rock more enthusiastically than their home shores.
They are currently touring the Netherlands, having played through Austria and Germany, and before Christmas they will reach Belgium, before returning to Germany.”
Chris Lloyd, (from joint review of Mad Dogs and Englishmen ‘Going Down With Alice’ and ‘Bloody Well Live! Special Edition’); ‘The Northern Echo’, UK, 30 Nov 2000.

“This album has just been re-released as a new double album covering an entire concert from Markthalle, Hamburg 31st December 1992 / 1st January 1993 New Years Eve. Well what can I say by the sounds of this album it was one hell of a party the distinctive Celtic flavoured material being lapped up by the crowd who are whooping and cheering throughout. Folk isn’t supposed to be riotous but that’s exactly what The Whisky Priests sound like on here. Guitar, fiddle and accordion combining to create their version of folk music but it’s played with such passion and at times mad fury that it could almost be a punk band. The likes of ‘See The Whippet Run’ (yes it is about dog racing) is played with pace and passion. The accordion is played with flair and is used as the lead instrument alongside the clever lyrics showing that no matter the subject if you write good lyrics it’ll be a good song. You get accordion driven instrumentals that are surprisingly compelling and turn into full jigs that you can just imagine the crowd dancing along to. Now normally I wouldn’t like this kind of music but I can’t get enough of this album the lyrics are haunting in places and music even sombre the likes of ‘Land Of The Dinosaur’ are about a shipbuilders graveyard after being closed down. You also get songs about the war ‘The Durham Light Infantry’ as a man responds to the call of his country, the closure of mines ‘Farewell Johnny Miner’ and working in a colliery ‘The Colliery’ these songs show the band’s social awareness and ability to write about newsworthy topics. What is quite amazing is that the German crowd can relate to these subjects but they do and this turns out to be a truly breathtaking live album.”
Album of the issue (with ‘“Here Come the Ranting Lads” - Live!’), ‘Rhythm and Booze’, UK, Issue 16, December 2000.

“To mark the fifteenth anniversary of The Whisky Priests, they have decided to revisit their 1993 live album, and re-issue it as a special edition that features the whole of that concert, as a double CD. It has been remastered from the original tapes by Fred Purser, and is totally unedited so if you had been in the Markthalle in Hamburg eight years ago this is what you would have heard.
It is strange that their concerts have a much larger attendance in Europe than in this country, especially given Gary’s distinctive style of singing, but it just shows that concertgoers would rather see a covers band than original material. I last saw WP in a pub, yet in Germany they play to thousands. Listen to the crowd join in on the sing-along ‘Dol-Li-A’ or how they respond to ‘mental’ songs like ‘The Hard Men’ when there is so much energy that WP are like the Pogues on speed. It’s not all about power and enthusiasm, there are numbers that are slower & reflective about life in the pit, but they are all filled with a passion and intensity that screams out honesty. It also contains one of my all-time fave numbers ‘The Raven’ which captures so many aspects of their music in one song.
It may be their second live album of the year, following on their superb CD/Video ‘“Here Come The Ranting Lads” - Live!’, but would be a welcome addition to any music lover’s collection.”
Kevin Rowland, ‘Feedback’, UK, Issue 61, 5th February 2001.

“A double helping of The Whisky Priests’ straight between the eyes delivery on this two CD set recorded live in Hamburg in 1992. In part it is a re-release of the original album of that date plus a number of other previously unreleased tracks from the same performance, and what an absolute stormer it is.
If you could bottle all the sweat, tears, pride and anger of a mining community of the Thatcher years you would end up with the songs of Gary Miller; forceful biting lyrics they represent the poetry of a working class morality which was destroyed for daring to say no. Songs like ‘The Colliery’, one man’s story of life underground that could have been any miner over the past 200 years or the optimistic ‘Easington’ with it’s ‘never let the bastards grind you down’ philosophy. Look out too for ‘Land of The Dinosaur’ with its imagery of shipyard cranes. Recorded at the time of the Heseltine massacre of the coal industry, in years to come these songs will be documents of our social history.
There’s some great traditional stuff on there too, ‘Bonnie Gateshead Lass’ taken along at a rip roaring pace and some rattling instrumentals, but pride of place, for me, goes to the ‘Farwell Johnny Miner’ / ‘Lads of Wear and Tyne’ set. What a joy to hear Ed Pickford’s song presented with all the strength and conviction it deserves.”
Jim Hancock, ‘Folktalk’, UK, Issue no. 29, Summer 2001.

“A re-mastered re-release of the New Year 1992-3 Hamburg gig, uncut, with six tracks that were omitted from the first, now deleted, release and the between-song banter left in. Fiddles, accordion, mandolin with electric bass and drum kit and not a crusty or a drunken Irish student in sight – magic!
Progressive north-eastern folk, a musically-updated Blaydon Races. The Whisky Priests will never be ‘In’ and ‘cool’ like misty-eyed hippy/anarcho folk-borrowers because they kept it real, old skool, round-the-doors, like yoking man, mother-fucker and kept the music true to its roots and its region and didn’t try to blend it with a more commercial rock, punk or metal sound. I don’t know how popular the Priests are outside the North-east, as most people will equate the instrumental side of things with Irish folk, when really it’s the sound of all our yesterdays. Those unused to the accent will surely think it sounds at times like an ex-shipyard-worker having a mid-life crisis and joining a goth band, but I find it refreshing. While I’ve never been down the pit, mourned the shutting of the wagon works or raced whippets, I remember the end of the shipyards, the mines closing, coal fires, the last steam trains, cobbled streets and the stories of how life used to be. Better to sing about industrial decay and things gone, than jig about getting all nostalgic about some hippy crap that never existed. In these global hyperlink days, it’s good to be reminded just where you came from and that someone hip, somewhere hip, just can’t be down with it like you can. On a lighter note, open the case and in the live photo on the back of the booklet/cover, Bob Mills off the telly (In Bed With Me Dinner) appears to be playing bass.”
Jon Welsh, ‘Get Rhythm’ Magazine, June 2001, UK.

“Basically, this is a re-release of the album, with the exception of you now get the entire show, so it’s now a double CD! Despite what’s been said about the WP’s, they are a superbly active live band and have generated a dedicated European following. If any proof was needed, just listen to the audience on here. It was recorded in Hamburg and initially released back in 1993. And seeing as it’s The WP’s fifteenth anniversary, why not give the public the truth!!!! Tracks such as ‘Easington’, ‘The Coal-Digger’s Grave’, ‘The Durham Light Infantry’, ‘See The Whippet Run’, ‘Bonnie Gateshead Lass’ and ‘Isn’t It Grand Boys’ all display a colloquial sensibility, yet the pathos, anger and frustration of the downtrodden reverberates throughout every note that’s played. Folk, heavily spiced with rock, and a crackingly good sense of lyricism is what makes The WP’s a band guaranteed to produce the goods, and here’s a right hamper full. One of those live albums where you wish you’d been there when it was going on – what an atmosphere.”
Clarence, ‘The Modern Dance’, #34, UK.

“The year 2001 marks the 15th anniversary of The Whisky Priests’ humble beginnings in the Northeast of England, when the band was put together by brothers Glenn and Gary Miller. Through hard work, an explosive live show, and extensive touring, it has developed a large fan base in both the UK and in Europe. In celebration, Whippet Records (owned and operated by the band) has reissued its landmark recording ‘Bloody Well Live!’ as a ‘special edition’, expanded to include an entire concert on two compact discs. Recorded in Hamburg, Germany, on New Year’s Eve 1992/1993, this release, in essence, sums up what The Whisky Priests is all about: strongly political songs, both original and traditional, about the working man in the coal pits and his struggle to earn a living. The entire show is high energy, with the crowd being whipped into a frenzy, and it’s all done with a largely acoustic format of guitar, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, bass and drums. This makes a good starting point for those unfamiliar with the group, as it collects all their best material up to this point. Those with the old one-disc version would do well to update to the new one with all the new material.”
Jim Lee, ‘Dirty Linen’, January 2002, USA.

On-line reviews:

‘Organ’, UK:

‘Zeitgeist’, UK:

‘Green Man Review’, USA:

‘’, UK:

Norman Darwen, ‘World Music’, UK:

‘Riffs’, UK:

Jim Hancock, ‘Folk Talk’, UK:

“Dall’Irlanda all’Inghilterra il passo è breve. Se poi I concerti vi pia ce raccoglierli anche su disco, questa è l’occasione per recuperare un e vento: la tournee del ’92-’93 dei WHISKY PRIESTS, uno più importanti gruppi folk-rock inglesi, capitanato dai fratelli MILLER.
Rimasterizzato e con l’aggiunta di materiale inedito, il doppio CD è reperibile anche in Italia. Se volete potete anche rivolgervi alla WHIPPET RECORDS (l’tichetta del gruppo) che lo pubblica, e al gruppo stesso: sul sito
Comunque quando arrivano a suonare in Italia (lo fanno spesso) non per deteli.”
Giovanni Pietro, Scazzola, Italy

English translation:
“From Ireland to England the step is brief. If then you like collecting concerts also on albums, this is the chance to recover an event: the ’92-’93 WHISKY PRIESTS’ tour, one of the most important English folk-rock bands, lead by the MILLER brothers.
Remastered and with unissued material added, the double CD is also available in Italy. If you want, you can also contact WHIPPET RECORDS (the group’s own label) that publishes it, and the group as well: on the site
When they come to play in Italy (it often happens), don’t miss them.”


released October 1, 2000

The Whisky Priests line-up on this recording:

Gary Miller – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Glenn Miller – Accordion, Vocals
Mick Tyas – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Paul Carless – Mandolin, Harmonicas
Tony McNally – Drums
Mike McGrother – Fiddle

Original album ℗ & © 1993 Whippet Records
This Compilation ℗ & © 2000 Whippet Records



all rights reserved


The Whisky Priests Durham, UK

The Whisky Priests (1985-2002) was founded by twin brothers, Gary & Glenn Miller (“the Joe Strummer and Mick Jones of Folk Music”). The band was internationally renowned for its energetic live shows, released a number of critically acclaimed albums, toured extensively and developed a worldwide cult following. ... more

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Track Name: The Row Between The Cages [Live]

One morning when I went to work the sight was most exciting
I heard a noise and looked around and who do you think was fighting
I stood amazed and at them gazed to see them in such rages
I never saw a row like that between the Brockwell cages

The patent to the old cage says although I be a stranger
I can work my work as well as you and free the men from danger
But if the rope should break with me old skinny jaws just watch us
You'll see me clag on to the skeets for I'm full of springs and catches

When going up and down the shaft the patent cage did threaten
For to take the old one's life if they stopped it meeting
The old cage bawled out as it passed you nasty dirty patent
Rub your eyes against the skeets I think you're hardly wakened

The old cage says come over the gates because it's my intention
To let you see whether you or me is the best invention
The new one being raised took off his claes and at it they went dabbing
The blood was running down the skeets and past the weighman's cabin

The brakesman brought them both to bank the mischief for to settle
They fought from five o'clock 'til six and the patent won the battle
It took the brakesman half his shift to clag them up with plasters
The old cage sent his notice in just to vex the masters

(Tommy Armstrong)
Track Name: Halcyon Days / Old Man Forgotten [Live]

I remember Charlie Douglas when we were still at school
He was my very best friend
But I passed him as a stranger in the street the other day
He didn't even know my bonnie face
And little Cathy Thompson with her hair and heart of gold
I vowed I would love until the end of time
But we were young and I failed to realise
That she would never be mine

I remember the times when we used to laugh and play
But this cruel world always seems to take those times away
Now it all seems like a dream that just happened yesterday
Those times will never come again

We rang bells and ran through gardens
But caused no harm to anyone
And the rows and fields were our own
And we would mucky all our best clothes
Jumping becks and climbing trees
And stayed out late didn't want to go back home
And the gypsy-camp battlefield where we used to play at wars
Was innocent fun and games back then
But now we are acting out our battle plans for real
Though we say we are fully grown men

In our ignorance and bliss we were happy in our lives
And our innocence could never let us down
On grassy moors we chased and in greeny lanes we roamed
Creating our own world in our town
But it could never last forever fate caught up on us in time
And turned our whole world upside down
For our minds then knew of guilt and all the pain of love and hate
While our dreams were left shattered on the ground

Oh what happened to you whatever happened to me
What became of the people we used to be

(Gary Miller)


As the waves come rolling in
Across the blackened shale
An old man stands alone
And carves an image of nostalgia
In the dying sunlight you know

And the features on his wondrous face
Once shined like a million stars
Now it’s cracked and worn
His whole life is tattered and torn
And he's filled with grief you know

And as the day comes down
He feels the years come down
As the sands of time slip through his hands
Like a burdened weary old pack horse
Waiting for the slaughterman

And he's spent his whole life in the area
Working for the area
But what recognition do they send his way
But so long Joe it's time to go

And as the day comes down
He feels the years come down
There is a weight upon this man
Like a burdened weary old pack horse
Waiting for the slaughterman

And as the day comes down
He feels the years come down
Like a weight across the land
Like a burdened weary old pack horse
Waiting for the slaughterman

And as the day comes down
He feels the years come down
"I toiled in this place" he says
As the tears roll down his face
For the family that has forgotten him
And the land that has forgotten him

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Bonnie Gateshead Lass / Jamie Allen [Live]

I'll warrant you've never seen my lass
Her name I cannot mention
For fear you'll go and tell her
How I like her so I do
It's just for lads and lasses
For to whisper their affection
The bonniest lass in Gateshead's
Bonnie face is bothering me

The first time I saw her
I thought I didn't know her
I was sure I'd seen her face before
I couldn't think of where
Her blue eyes met mine in passing
Up the high street in the morning
And her look was so entrancing
That my heart was mine no more

Well I didn't see her for a week
Until one night at the bridge end
I stamped upon her gown
And the gathers they came away
She told me I was clumsy
And I said that I was sorry
I humbly begged her pardon
I was licked for what to say

So I walked on by her side
As if I had a right to do
The conversation first was shy
But then it turned first class
We talked about the weather
And she mentioned that her father
Was a puddler down at Hawks's
Oh my bonnie Gateshead lass

She mentioned confidentially
That her uncle was a grocer
And her mother's father's cousin
Was a fiddler on the shore
She talked so nice and friendly
And looked both sweet and pleasant
I thought I'd never seen a lass
So charming like before

She says her mother keeps a shop
And sells hot pies and candy
Her brother he's a cobbler
In the high part of the town
Now she was a dressmaker
And we got on so well together
I blessed I'd been so awkward
As to stand upon her gown

I made her laugh and slap me lug
For talking lots of nonsense
But bless you when you're courting
There's nowt so good'll pass
I asked her would she be my lass
And I'd take her out on Sunday
To my delight she says "I might"
My bonnie Gateshead lass

(Trad. arr. The Whisky Priests)
Track Name: Jenny Grey [Live]

I watched as you watched me with hope in my heart
And I wondered what your eyes were telling me then
But a wall drew around me and trapped me forever
And there was no key could free me again

I passed by a headstone which no shadows darkened
There I saw a young woman with flowers and tears
And I envied the soul for whom she was grieving
And I lost all desire to continue my years

When they are drying the blood from my body
And the flowers and grieving are all for me
And when I am gone into Hell or to Heaven
Oh Jenny, Jenny Grey cry for me

We walked together in the cool summer morning
And the birds were all singing in the valley below
But the wind stole their voices as the sweet vision faded
And I walked home without you alone

The factory gates have all closed down before me
And the lights have all dimmed on the edge of the town
And they are singing a sad hymn in the church in the village
And your face looks so sad as the tears flow down

(lyrics: Gary Miller / music: Glenn Miller)
Track Name: See The Whippet Run [Live]

I was born and bred into a race of skill
It's the drug that gives me speed and thrills
With a never ceasing heat in my heart and brain
To give me the power of a speeding train

See the whippet run
Watch it leap the highest hurdles
Run rabbit run
Keep on heading down that track
See the whippet run
As it hurtles to the finish line
Racing past your train and never looking back

There's many a pleasure and delight
In being the victor through another man's plight
I can see the gold at the rainbow's end
So carry me up as the gods descend

This race has led me to grief and woe
And brought me to arms against friend and foe
Yet the fire still burns as bright as before
I can win this race and a thousand more

(lyrics: Gary Miller / music: Glenn Miller)
Track Name: The Raven [Live]

You were born a handsome lad
There was never one more bonnie
The apple of your father's eye
His fine and dashing Johnny

Your mother she was proud of you
She swore there was none better
And your father taught you all he knew
For better or for worse

But when they come to lay him down
After his final blessing oh
Will he depart in peace and pride
Or will his shame lay him down low

The clouds hung low and the sleet and snow
Spewed forth like a plague across the earth
The thunder rolled while the north wind moaned
And the lightning witnessed the birth

At six a.m. the bastard was born
And blessed with the warm blood of God
His parents loved and doted upon
And bred the miserable sod

His heart was made like an evil blade
Hard steel with a thirsty lust for blood
His soul dwelt on the dark side of the grave
And his body held no love

Suffering was his bliss and evil got him pissed
And he feasted on the food of human hate
And when darkness came he played the lycanthrope game
When his body and his ego would inflate

He could have been such a dashing blade
With a heart full of goodness and love
But all around the world he's heard it said
That the raven is stronger than the dove

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Easington [Live]

We prayed for a new day dawning
On a village shrouded in grey
Where people spend their dole lives
Waiting day by day
Waiting oh so patiently
For good luck to come along
But that would be like finding gold
On the streets of Easington

Little bairns with mucky faces
Playing in the colliery streets
Reminds us of our childhood years
Oh they were so sweet
Me and Mary Walker
Were going to be wed
But you lose all hope and love
When all your dreams are dead

But let’s not hang our sorrows
On the gates of misery
We'll get the bairns up laughing
And we'll sing
We'll show there is joy in Easington

From the outer villages
To the beaches by the rocks
The old men who degrade themselves
Stoop to pick the black
For what was once their livelihood
Has laid their land to waste
But there are no inner cities here
Where the slag surrounds the coast

But let’s not drown our sorrows
On the dregs of misery
We'll get the lasses drinking
And we'll sing
We'll show there is joy in Easington

From the broken windows
Of the houses in the night
You can see the pithead pulley wheel
In the lamplight burning bright
But what about the young lad
Who must leave the town where he was born
It never can be easy
When your heart is in that town

But let’s not dwell on sorrow
Nor think of misery
We'll get the old folks dancing
And we'll sing
We'll show there is joy in Easington

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: No Chance [Live]

Tim Malone took the long road home
As the night was closing in
And the cruel wind struck and wailed in angry moans
With his scarf wrapped tight around his neck
And his cap pulled over his eyes
He fought to keep the cold out of his bones

As he passed by closed down factories
Waste ground and crumbling walls
He recalled the evening's events oh what a story
The cinema's woodbine smells
The patriotic war film as well
And the end to the tune of 'Land of Hope and Glory'

"Cheer up there bonnie lad"
Says the man who knows no cares
"It's no use crying needlessly"
(I'm all right Jack)
"Get up off your backside"
Says the man who knows it all
It’s no use waiting until your boat comes in
(I see no ships round here)
"Because you'll find out son it's never coming in"

At the shipyard on the quayside
He watched the men come out
And the boss said "Are you looking for a job"
He sang "Weel may the keel row"
To the tune of fifty quid
But the boss said "Try some busking with your gob"
(Weel may the keel row that my laddie's in)

He'd sit and curse at four grey walls
And watch his life go slowly by
Waiting for next pay Friday to come
Then he'd sit and sup his beer
Watch people come then disappear
And wonder if their lives were fashioned out of stone

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Land of the Dinosaur [Live]

Here amongst the memories
That belong to yesterday
The monolithic metal beasts
No longer rule the waves
The ruins of a greater age
Lie strewn across wasteland
The dinosaurs are now extinct
Their bones rust in the sand

The timbers burned
The wheels have turned
The ships have sailed away
Yet the dinosaurs stand tall and proud
In the graveyard that remains

See the greatness now expired
In the hearts and lives of men
Monuments of men
Monumental men
And their epitaph shall be:
'They walked on water
They parted the waters
Until the seas of power engulfed them'

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Perfect Time [Live]

Now down the row where the icemen grow
There dwelt a caring man
His body seemed cold but his heart was warm
Though he had always felt so alone
And down the way where hearts seem clay
There came a bonnie lass
And it seemed that Heaven opened its arms
And blew away all of the past

They walked together down Timeless Street
Together they were in perfect time
But only time would tell if a perfect tale
Like the ones in fairy tales and dreams
Would be told in perfect time

Now time took on a different role
For it seemed the perfect time
To cast away all past fears
And look towards a brand new life
But life is cruel at imperfect times
And fate is more cruel still
And fate caught up like it always does
And in a short time things turned ill

He walked across the lonely moors
He was in a timeless zone
And the eerie mist cast ghostly shapes
Amongst the trees and stones
He fell into the mystic spell
As he felt for Mary's hand
But it wasn't there it never was
For he had failed to understand

Now he sits alone in a smoke-filled room
And he feels too weak to stand
He sits alone for he is all alone
Clutching his life in his hands
And in the corner the smallpipes play
The hauntingly beautiful 'Sweet Hesleyside'
Then he staggers home where he is all alone
To be haunted forever by the broken dreams
Which the darkness cannot hide

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Dol-Li-A [Live]

It's fresh I come down Sandgate Street
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
My best friends here to meet

Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol

Dolly Coxon's pawned her shirt
Dol-li, Dol-Li
To ride upon a baggage cart

Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol

The green cuffs have gone away
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
That will be a crying day

Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol

The black cuffs are coming in
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
That will make the lasses sing

Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol

Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol
Dol-Li, Dol-Li
Dol-Li, De-Dillen-Dol

(Trad. arr. The Whisky Priests)
Track Name: William's Tale / Aall Faall Doon [Live]

This is the town where I was born
It's the town where I live now
There’s many a tale to be told of this place
So I’ll tell one to you now
In Nineteen-O-One I entered the world
The year Victoria died
My mother died delivering me
How my father must have cried and cried

As a young lad of twelve
Just fresh out of school
I spent my first day in the mine
And it seemed like the hell
Of a dark prison cell
But Christ knows I'd committed no crime
The West Stanley Pit Disaster I remember it well
When a hundred and sixty-eight lost their lives
We were little more than slaves then
Growing old before our time

When the Fourteen-Eighteen Great War came
My father was among the first to go
He joined with the Durham Light Infantry
And we were proud of all the medals he won
Pozzieres, Mons and Ypres, Cambrai and the Somme
He fought in all the major campaigns
But when they shipped him back home at the end of it
He wasn't the father that I had once known

In Twenty-Six the General Strike
Saw all the men on the streets
And from Jarrow they marched in Thirty-Six
But all they got was blood on their feet
Half a century on it all happened again
It seems that some things never change
Jarrow cried and now Sunderland’s died
And strikes are still all the rage

When the Second World War came along
In Nineteen-Thirty-Nine
My son got a note from the government
Saying "We need your services son for a while"
Then they sent me a note at the end of it all
Saying "Sir your son did fine
Now he's buried in North Africa
You can visit him from time to time"

Now I sit here at home with my plaque on the wall
It's not much to show for my life
Of fifty-odd years of toil down the mine
It's been a long haul of struggle and strife
And now that the Tories are back in power again
It's driving me bloody insane
And now that the Eighties have become the 'Haties'
There's no future left for the bairns of today

(Gary Miller)


There's a rumbling started underground
But it's falling on deaf ears
But who gives a shite what you think about it
We'll only grab ourselves some more beers
And someone said if we close our eyes
It might just go away
But we sang a song for collier lads
And one for the lass down on the quay
But still you never came down the waggon way

And in your town the land of clowns
It's just another day
You are still afraid you run and hide
You won't come out to play
And you've misunderstood everything we've ever said
And every point we've ever tried to make
But if I see you dancing on Mr Armstrong's grave
I'll come and give you a bloody good smack
Just to let you know that you don't know the crack

You stick your head in a hole in the ground
And wait for a time when we'll all fall down
But had away you stupid clown
We'll never go away

And in the land of fantasy
Where you seem to live
The ugly frog will become a handsome prince
But it will be too late then to forgive
And your writer's pen is spilling bad ink
And our mouth doesn't know what it's saying
It's in the place where your arse should be
So kiss yourself goodbye and be on your way
I never want to see you for the rest of my days

There's a rumbling started underground
But it's falling on deaf ears
And if you try to stop it
It will only end in tears
And someone said if we close our eyes
It might just go away
But we sang a song, we've just begun
And then we headed back down the waggon way
The bonnie pit laddie is here to stay

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: The Durham Light Infantry [Live]

When I was just a young lad
I used to mine the land
With a pick across my shoulder
Or a shovel in my hand
But then the bloody war came
And my hero's instincts grew
And the posters in the street said
"Your country needs you"
"Your country needs you"
And I knew then what I must do

So Billy signed up
For a soldier's bloody wage
And Jimmy joined the navy
So that he could rule the waves
And they stood so proud and smart
In their uniforms so new
And the people lined the street with flags
Coloured red white and blue
Coloured red white and blue
And you'll die for your country too

So we're off my boys
Through the hell and the noise
To die for our country
And they'll raise a cross
To remember the loss
Of the Durham Light Infantry

In the muddy fields of Flanders
We fought like men from hell
And the ground itself was ripped apart
Where all my best mates fell
Jacky Cranston got his balls blown off
And a shell took Chorley's leg
And in all that hell and madness
I wished that I was dead
I wished that I was dead
And all the sky was filled with lead

So we buried all our dead
At least those that could be found
As well as bits of bodies
That were scattered all around
And it made me sick with anger
At the things the war had done
But when it was all over
We still kept marching on
We still kept marching on
Though all my mates are dead and gone

Now we'll sing a song of victory
That was paid for with the brave
But we're left only with monuments
And an unknown soldier's grave
And a special day once every year
To remember them to God
And commemorate their bravery
With a poppy the colour of blood
A poppy the colour of blood
We've paid too high a price with all that blood

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: General Taylor [Live]

General Taylor gained the day
Walk him along John carry him along
General Taylor gained the day
Carry him to his burying ground

General Taylor died long ago
Walk him along John carry him along
General Taylor died long ago
Carry him to his burying ground

I wish I was General Taylor's son
Walk him along John carry him along
I'd build him a ship of ten thousand ton
Carry him to his burying ground

I'd build him a ship of ten thousand ton
Walk him along John carry him along
I'd fill her all up with New England rum
Carry him to his burying ground

I'd fill her all up with New England rum
Walk him along John carry him along
I'd give a drink to everyone
Carry him to his burying ground

(Trad. arr. The Whisky Priests)
Track Name: Shut Doon the Waggon Works [Live]

The lights are going out on the edge of Ghost Town
As a coldness penetrates through curtained windows
For the colliery streets shed no warmth light or heat
But our hearts are always warm here in winter

As me and my marrers go to get ourselves a pint
All we get are looks that make us shiver
For the people have changed though the place still looks the same
But the waggons don't run here anymore

Times are hard in this world
When you get put out of work
The people up in power
Have shut down the waggon works

There are jobs up for grabs in other parts I hear
While our village has been scrapped through lack of care
They've decided to scrap jobs in the places they matter most
Though the towers still belch their smoke into the air

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Farewell Johnny Miner (Incorporating the poem: The Lads of Wear and Tyne) [Live]

Johnny Miner you were born
Never to see the rising dawn
Now its time that you were gone
Farewell Johnny Miner

You battled with the sliding scale
With blackened lungs and faces pale
Now your body's up for sale
Farewell Johnny Miner

They promise you the earth sometimes
To get coal from their stinking mines
Now the justice for their crimes
Is farewell Johnny Miner

So farewell John, don't take it hard
Unemployment isn't bad
They'll treat you well in the knackers yard
Farewell Johnny Miner

Farewell Durham, Yorkshire too
Nottingham, the same to you
Scotland, South Wales, say adieu
Farewell Johnny Miner

(Ed Pickford)


Still round the banners we'll stand
In love and truth combine
And children yet unborn shall sing
The Lads of Wear and Tyne

Brave Hepburn and our delegates
Like rays of virtue shine
Their fame shall long be echoed
Round the planks of Wear and Tyne

On Boldon fell a flag shall wave
Like victory's wreaths entwine
That peace shall be the motto still
With lads of Wear and Tyne

We envy not the rich and great
Whose dazzling greatness shine
While we the hardy sons of toil
Can labour in the mine

Our happy wives and children now
All former cares resign
And sing with joyful mirth and glee
The Lads of Wear and Tyne

(Trad. arr. The Whisky Priests)
Track Name: The Colliery [Live]

The pit where I worked was built in Eighteen-Ten
It's claimed the lives of many good men
Like rats in a hole we crawled underground
Digging for coal at the colliery

I had long shifts to put in every day
And I worked like a slave for a poor man's pay
We hated our boss because the bastard worked us hard
For a pittance to keep our families

And the curse of God was on our lives
Though we prayed to Him for better times
We learned to cry and we learned to die
Down at the colliery

I had a wife and six bairns to feed
We paid the price of a rich man's greed
I sweated and toiled in that unholy black hell
Feeding the fires of Britain's industry

And we found no joy in our toil
As our lungs filled with dust and soot and soil
We laughed and cried we prayed and died
Down at the colliery

Both servants and masters shared the land
They abused our humanity they used our bloodied hands
And they would steal our brains to destroy our souls
But we were put on God's earth to go below it for coal

This land was built by men of steel
But the fires are now dying in its industries
The machines have rusted and the pit stands dead
The men lie idle no more prayers are said

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: The Hard Men [Live]

In the wild bad lands of England
Where the law is our own
We'll cause such a bloody riot
You'll be trembling in your homes
We'll lie in wait to ambush you
In an alley that's our lair
Whichever town you go to
You will always find us there

We've never tasted whisky
Just lager and red wine
But by Christ we can't half knock 'em back
When it comes to judgement time
We'll take you on at drinking
And if you lose we'll skin your hide
Then you'll say we're the hardest gang in town
And we'll go home drunk with pride

We'll leave our calling card
If you're passing by our way
If you're looking for a fight
We can lick you any day
We'll take you for a drink
Just make sure you can pay
We're the hard men

We know you've worked hard all your life
But we couldn't give a damn
Because we're all just lazy bastards
As I'm sure you'll understand
And don't you be misled
By our deceptive words of grace
Because there's nothing we'd like more
Than to smash a bottle in your face

There's always at least ten of us
Just for company you see
The sticks and stones we carry
Are just our imagery
The long knives in our pockets
Are just for carving meat
But human flesh is favoured
If it's helpless in the street

We're meaner than Clint Eastwood
And we're tougher than John Wayne
We hate you if you're better than us
We're all the fucking same
We're like an evil disease
Spreading through the land
We have the Devil in us
And his will is our command

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: The Coal-Digger's Grave [Live]

There had just been a big cave-in in the depths of Belly Row
And Jim Greenwood was stretched out on the ground
And those with no guts were smiling at the back
While the strong men had failed to bring him round

The burial party had just reached the top of Dead Man's Hill
It was well past closing time and all the men had drunk their fill
They were starting to shovel the soil over his head
When he jumped up and yelled "Give us whisky!"

The top men are calling for enquires round the town
They've got a lot of face to save
And they've sent out appeals for the men to rally round
"Will someone put a body in the coal-digger's grave?"

Jim Greenwood had survived many pitfalls in his time
The thinkers couldn't think what else to do
"We cannot starve your family and we cannot steal your home
But somehow we're going to get you"

And they sent him off to fight in the war
And the bullets knocked him to the ground
And they said "That's the end of you my son"
But the bugger he came back round

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Isn't It Grand Boys [Live]

Look at the coffin with golden handles
Isn't it grand boys to be bloody well dead

Let’s not have a sniffle
Let’s have a bloody good cry
And always remember the longer you live
The sooner you'll bloody well die

Look at the mourners bloody great hypocrites
Isn't it grand boys to be bloody well dead

Let’s not have a sniffle
Let’s have a bloody good cry
And always remember the longer you live
The sooner you'll bloody well die

Look at the flowers all bloody withered
Isn't it grand boys to be bloody well dead

Let’s not have a sniffle
Let’s have a bloody good cry
And always remember the longer you live
The sooner you'll bloody well die

Look at the preacher bloody sanctimonious
Isn't it grand boys to be bloody well dead

Let’s not have a sniffle
Let’s have a bloody good cry
And always remember the longer you live
The sooner you'll bloody well die

Look at the widow bloody great female
Isn't it grand boys to be bloody well dead

Let’s not have a sniffle
Let’s have a bloody good cry
And always remember the longer you live
The sooner you'll bloody well die

Look at the drunkard bloody great piss-head
Isn't it grand boys to be bloody well dead

Let’s not have a sniffle
Let’s have a bloody good cry
And always remember the longer you live
The sooner you'll bloody well die

(Trad. arr. The Whisky Priests)