Going Down With Alice

by Mad Dogs and Englishmen

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Mad Dogs and Englishmen was a unique collaboration between Gary Miller and Glenn Miller of The Whisky Priests and Joseph Porter of Blyth Power. ‘Going Down With Alice’ is a stripped to the bones all-acoustic recording with vocal and songwriting duties shared by Gary and Joseph, led by Glenn’s inventive accordion arrangements.


released September 1, 2000

Whippet Records WPTCD19 / Downwarde Spiral Records DR 009CD
Tracks 1,4, 7, 9, 10 written & composed by Gary Miller
Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 written & composed by Joseph Porter

'Going Down with Alice' was recorded at The Old Dairy Studio, York during March and April 2000 and was engineered by Phil Elliott, who also stamped and shouted, but only in the right places. Mixing was completed at Trinity Heights, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne by Fred Purser.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen:
Glenn Miller - accordions
Joseph Porter - guitar, percussion, vocals
Gary Miller - guitar, mandolin, vocals

℗ & © 2000 Whippet Records / Downwarde Spiral Records



all rights reserved


The Whisky Priests Durham, UK

The Whisky Priests (1985-2002) was founded by twin brothers, Gary & Glenn Miller (“the Joe Strummer and Mick Jones of Folk Music”). The band was internationally renowned for its energetic live shows, released a number of critically acclaimed albums, toured extensively and developed a worldwide cult following. ... more

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Track Name: A Rich Seam

Come take a look at this rolling vista
Beneath its blistered fields lie caves of destiny
With untapped veins undiscovered waiting
For you to stake your claim upon their richest seam

This churchyard holds its share of history
In small graves littering its bonnie silent green
How many failed or missed their calling
Through time spent stalling over what they could have been

And though you be a tiny satellite
One day you may be shining bright
Become a glorious sun
Cast your light on everyone
Radiate your creative delight

Procrastinate and time will rob you
Of all the things that you might yet achieve
Mistakes breed strength don't let them deter you
From finding yourself amid your own rich seam

There are those who would control your course for you
And there are those who would seek to steal your dreams
So let it rock their weak foundations
To see you reap the treasures of your own rich seam

For you the world is getting smaller
And you can do things of which I could only dream
So let it be your crowning glory
The wondrous story of your own rich seam

Come take a look at this rolling vista
This cracked and blistered jewel-encrusted legacy
From mine to yours never deny it
Jump up and cry it as you dig your own rich seam

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Soldier On The Mantelpiece

In battledress and helmet he stands on the mantelpiece
Eyes glazed and feet of clay a unique masterpiece
Three buttons on his tunic, four pouches on his belt
Is their something to communicate, a story to tell?

How many horrors haunt him?
How many good friends died?
Does he pine away each lonely day
For a girl he left behind?

The ears they cannot hear
The eyes they cannot see
But oh the tales that he tells
With such bold simplicity

Michelangelo’s David never stood so tall and proud
He should be in a gallery his praises shouted loud
So uplifting and so passionate, a priceless work of art
An insight into his maker’s mind and heart

In his glorious features
Such expression can be read
Shoulders square and hands like hams
What life might he have led?

The ears they cannot hear
The eyes they cannot see
But oh the tales that he tells
With such bold simplicity

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Seven Hills

My city stands on seven hills
My ego dwells within
With seven courts for seven laws
Which bend against my will
There are many masks for me to wear
To judge with clemency
But it's a thankless task it's an empire of glass
A brittle transparency

The streets and architecture
Form a grandiose design
Sculptors mould my vision
Into artifacts sublime
Painters reflect beauty
In each image rich and bold
Poets agonise to find
The words that must be told

All roads lead me
My destiny to find
And if fate decrees to Hell I'll go
For I won't be denied

My army marched through many lands
To a thunder like applause
And plundered indiscriminately
To the betrayal of my cause
But my killer instinct failed me
In many a far off land
Until I had lost all hope and sense
Of where my city stands

A city built on one man's dreams
Can stand the test of time
If others share his vision rare
And can add to its design
But with vandals hammering at the gates
And traitors from within
A swift blade thrust into the back
Cuts short a glorious reign

So lend me your ears
And hand my fiddle down
For I will play the final tune
And burn my city down

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: It's Your Time To Leave

It's your time to leave now mine has begun
Taking all that you need now you're gone
Our time never came for that time was not ours
It's mine and must be mine alone
Now we're both left standing outside in the rain
But I welcome the storm that's to come
It's your time to leave
Good riddance God damn you be gone

To crack the whip you must lead the dance
You need courage to face others head on
To make sweet music you must be of one mind
Or it's over before it's begun
Though all that we've planted may wither and die
What survives is the need to plant more
But it's your time to leave
Good riddance God damn you be gone

Now that we're heading for separate shores
Who's to blame for it all
Do I wish you well and do you wish it for me
Does it even matter at all

Though these crossroads excite me they scare me to death
New journeys seem all that I own
If old chapters prepare you for what lies ahead
You must still write the end on your own
For what is the use chasing dreams you don't need
Weighed down with a load not your own
Now it's your time to leave
Good riddance God damn you be gone

(Gary Miller)
Track Name: Full Circle

In the great days of steam
I was the toast of the town
My brand new paintwork gleamed
As people flocked from miles around
To see to touch to wave to cheer
A newborn child of engineers
And the hearts of my two thousand horses beat
To the rhythm of their tiny lives
I rolled and sped and hissed and with pride

An iron beast of burden
I tore through the veins and guts of the land
Supplying mineral wealth
Fed by a fireman’s lonely hand
With the passion of a thousand suns
My kisses scorched his bursting lungs
Like a lover’s heart my fires were stoked
By rough hands touched with tenderness
As I held him in my warm caress

I became a river supplying endless streams
To valleys and mountains red and gold and green
To fortune to fame to romance and to dreams
I was privy to their secrets and their schemes
As their lives touched me

And I fed the hungry engines of war
With the finest crop in England’s store
An ocean of tears drowned the platform roar
Through emotions never felt so deep before

I fell to the diesel age
Time and progress conquered me
Withdrawn and derelict
Nature laid cruel hands on me
She turned my once bright coat to rust
As my memory faded into dust
Some small affection I could claim
As a nest for lovebirds I became
Or a secret den for children’s games

Rescued and restored by loving hands
In my former glory I now stand
My paint gleams once more people flock again in awe
To celebrate to see to touch to talk
Of one reborn

(Gary Miller)